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Who is Latour Trading?

As the hearing goes on over here, another story has reemerged. Zero Hedge is again the source of this, when they back in October noted that a “secret” firm had upset Goldman Sachs as the biggest program trader on NYSE. Strange, you would think, that this could be the case.

What strategies they run, how much capital they actually need etc is almost impossible to gain knowledge of. One thing is sure though. The Trading space is rapidly changing, attracting many smart and creative people, but there remains many questions to ask with what these firms contribute with in terms of volume, liquidity, volatility and most importantly the “morality” of the strategies conducted.

Rough traders stealing program code from their banks, jumping over the Atlantic, and then setting up a backroom operation in high frequency trading that is overtaking GS. Serious? How can this be the case?  A must read article courtesy of,Douglas Faneuil, Dis magazine.

And, interestingly enough, the story also ended up in this Swedish newspaper. They note that

I de efterföljande läsarkommentarerna spåras företagets domännamn till Tower Research Capital, i sin tur en del av Lime Group, grundat av amerikanen Mark Gorton. Koncernen ligger också bakom Spire Europe, som i år blivit en av Stockholmsbörsens största aktörer.

Spire Europe is probably also one of the big actors on the Oslo Bors as well, I would imagine. Perhaps a case for Finanstilsynet?





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