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Romney ‘outperformed’ Obama by 26.2% in fast-talking

I did not stay up to watch the debate tonight, but according to Zero Hedge Romney managed a freakish 217 words per minute compared to Obama’s 172. That’s quite a performance; try it yourself. Will obviously have to watch on YouTube learn his tricks.

Ron Paul no. 2 in New Hampshire

Matt Romney has a solid lead in NH, but Ron Paul will finish a strong no. 2. He carries the young and independent voters, and surprisingly many disappointed Obama voters as well. With such a strong position, it is time to look closer at his polices, apart from wish to abolish the Fed. If you are curious how this congressman from Texas continue to draw large, young crowds, you should read the blog below.

Glenn Greenwald of offers an interesting analysis of liberals ambivalent views of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s candidacy is a mirror held up in front of the face of America’s Democratic Party and its progressive wing, and the image that is reflected is an ugly one; more to the point, it’s one they do not want to see because it so violently conflicts with their desired self-perception.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul has been associated with certain groups on the right with not so clean views (racism, and worse) and this make him unacceptable for many progressives. But Greenwald argues that Obama has many (if not more) dubious positions on his slate, including continued support for covert wars and the industrial-military complex. So if the choice is between two evils, many liberals may this year support Ron Paul, even though they may vote for him while they hold their nose.